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Camera : Outdoor/PTZ/Fixed/Industrial Grade/Housing

VMS : Monitoring/Management/Alert/Integration

NVR : Recording on Camera/Local Storage/Cloud

Power : Solar Power/Direct Power/Generators

Network : GSM Network/Tetra (PMR and PAMR)

Mobile App : • iOS & Android Mobile • iOS & Android Tablets

Encrypted Network Security

  •Maximum network performance

  1. Near-zero overhead.
  2. Microsecond latency 

•Scalable and simple

  1. “Set and forget” management
  2. Low total cost of ownership 

•High-assurance vulnerability protection.

  1. True end-to-end, authenticated encryption 
  2. State-of-the-art client side key management 

Features and Benefits

 •Mobile Access Anywhere

•Monitoring on Areas Eye can’t see

•Public Safety

•Public Security

•Command Center

•MOI Full Control

•Alarm System

•Proactive Approach

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